Pulte Group - Elearning Course

The process would start out with an initial brainstorming meeting with the client. Then a quick low-fidelity mock-up and simple prototype would be reviewed. At approval, the more high-fidelity Beta prototype would be shared. These steps happen in quick, small steps to be able to evaluate to make sure at any point if a change needs to occur, it can happen quickly and efficiently. The Beta will be finalized into Gold and launched.


Allen Interaction


End-to-end experience Designer and Interactive Developer, product strategy influencer, QA, and cross-functional collaborator.


Photoshop, Illustrator, XML, HTML, ActionScript, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Flash.  Additional tools include Savvy Start, Agile Development Process, SAM (Successive Approximation Model) to build learning solutions.

Where the journey began…

The Complexity

There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to developing an eLearning course. But the preparedness and availability of Pulte Subject Matter Experts are primary to gathering and creating the appropriate content and overall objective. Other common factors are listed below.

  • The complexity of engagement activities.
  • The flexibility of the tool used to author the course and how it will be accessed.
  • Meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning experiences.

The Opportunity

  • Enhance the quality of learning and teaching through interactions and memorable solutions.
  • Flexible, Fast & Efficient Development
  • Adding specific elements within the course that the learner will understand at the end of the course
  • Set Performance Goals
  • Create Human-Centered Design.
  • Measurable Results.

Above: Pulte Group Final Modules

Workflow – Successive Approximations Model (SAM)

Preparation Phase
Iterative Design Phase
Review Cycle
Iterative Development Phase


After the eLearning course was developed and successfully launched to educate new Pulte Group hires. Pulte Group hired Allen Interactions for an additional course to be created to educate potential and current customers on Pulte Group. I was awarded to design and develop that course as well.